Tyler and Licia: Washington Park Arboretum – Seattle, WA

Last weekend I met up with Tyler and Licia.  I had such a fun afternoon with them!  It was a chilly and windy day, but the sun was out so I was happy!  I haven’t been to the Arboretum in years, so I was excited to go somewhere new.  We wandered around trying to find pretty trees and interesting spots. After an hour or so, we decided to go and have a drink somewhere and warm up before continuing.  And we were just in time, it started raining as we were walking back to the car!  So we went and had a drink and chatted until the sun was shining again.  It took some convincing, but we headed over for a few photos on the UW campus.  Tyler was very reluctant as they both attended WSU.  I think you can guess how he feels about UW…but we went for a few minutes and took some photos with the cherry blossoms. They are such a fun couple and I enjoyed getting to know them.  And I am very much looking forward to their wedding in Eastern Washington in June! Here are some of my favorites from our day.

Tyler and Licia-36 cw blog

Tyler and Licia-57 fp blog

Tyler and Licia-54 fp blog

Tyler and Licia-41 cw blog

Tyler and Licia-24 fp blog

Tyler and Licia-7 blog

Tyler and Licia-63 blog

Tyler and Licia-69 fp blog

Tyler and Licia-88 ma blog

Tyler and Licia-99 fp blog

Tyler and Licia-137 bw blog

Tyler and Licia-117 tl blog

Tyler and Licia-110 tl blog

Tyler and Licia-175 fp blog

Tyler and Licia-179 rv blog

Tyler and Licia-181 blog

Tyler and Licia-143 fp blog

Tyler and Licia-150 cw blog

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  • Kristin - There are some really great pictures here! I really like some of the new (new to me, anyway) angles and poses.