Todd and Alison: Hidden Meadows – Snohomish, WA

I had been looking forward to Todd and Alison’s wedding for awhile.  I have known Alison since Jr High School and they are such an awesome couple. I was also excited because I knew there would be a lot of familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in a long time!  We were blessed with another gorgeous and sunny day in May.  It was such a warm day that they decided to move the ceremony outside.  Alison looked just stunning and it was so much fun to see her get ready and into her dress.   You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, and everything ran so smoothly. Usually I get pretty stressed at weddings because they are so fast paced but I really enjoyed myself! It was great to see old friends and to be a part of this very special day.  Both Todd and Alison were so easy to work with and totally up for whatever I wanted to do.  There are so many great photos from the day it was hard to choose which to share.  Here are some of my favorites!  And thanks once again to Saskia M Photography for shooting with me.  I am so spoiled to have such an amazing second shooter!

T+A pre ceremony-12 afts blog

T+A pre ceremony-89 bw  blog

T+A pre ceremony-1 fp blog

T+A pre ceremony-101 afts blog

T+A portraits-10 fp blog

T+A portraits-88 fp bw blog

T+A portraits-67 fp blog

T+A portraits-209 afts blog

T+A portraits-89 fp blog

T+A portraits-177 bw blog

T+A portraits-151 fp blog

T+A pre ceremony-155 blog

T+A  ceremony-141 cf blog

T+A  ceremony-113 afts blog

T+A  ceremony-155 fp blog

T+A  ceremony-179 fp blog

T+A  ceremony-195 blog

T+A  portraits-223 fp blog

T+A reception candids-244 fp blog

T+A pre ceremony-225 fp blog

T+A pre ceremony-181 fp blog

T+A pre ceremony-195 fp blog

T+A reception events-66 fp blog

T+A portraits-237 fp blog

T+A portraits-248 fp blog

T+A reception candids-290 fp blog

T+A reception events-181 fp blog

T+A reception events-195 fp blog

T+A reception candids-257 bw blog

T+A reception candids-303 blog

T+A reception candids-377 bw blog

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