Steve and Stephanie: Century Ballroom – Seattle, WA

Steve and Stephanie’s wedding was amazing.  While chatting with them about it at their engagement session I knew it was going to be a great night. I was really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint! First of all, they were getting married at the Century Ballroom which is an absolutely beautiful space. It is only a few blocks from where I live which made the day even better. I was excited to spend the afternoon shooting in my own neighborhood! It was an absolutely gorgeous day which at this time of year is definitely a blessing.  I had fun wandering around the Hill taking portraits before we headed to the Century Ballroom.  It was gorgeous inside and the evening started with a cocktail hour.  They wanted everyone to relax and have a drink before the ceremony – which I loved! The ceremony was short and very sweet and then it was on to the party.  Steve and Stephanie got engaged while attending a concert of one of their favorite local bands-the Maldives. They managed to get the Maldives to play at the wedding which was just amazing. They sounded so great and it was one of my favorite wedding moments so far to date.  But that was only the beginning of the celebration.  There was lots of dancing and karaoke to follow.  I had such a great time hanging with these two and their friends and family.  I also had the fabulous Kip Beelman second shooting with me – Thank you Kip!!  Here are some of my favorites from the day.

S + S getting ready-5 fsc blog

S + S getting ready-2 blog

S + S getting ready-52 bw blog

S + S portraits-5 fsc blog

S + S portraits-17 fsc

S + S portraits-91 fsc blog

S + S portraits-105 fsc

S + S portraits-154 fsc blog

S + S portraits-178 fsc blog

S + S portraits-186 fsc blog

S + S portraits-192 fsc blog

S + S portraits-198 cf blog

S + S portraits-201 cf blog

S + S portraits-212 cf blog

S + S portraits-217 cf blog

S + S portraits-234 fsc blog

S + S portraits-221

S + S portraits-224 bw blog

S + S portraits-145 blog

S + S  reception candids-22 fsc blog

S + S  reception candids-98 fsc blog

S + S ceremony-16 bw blog

S + S ceremony-49 fsc

S + S ceremony-44 fsc

S + S ceremony-98 blog

S + S ceremony-63 fsc

S + S ceremony-64 fsc blog

S + S ceremony-100 bw blog

S + S reception events-54 blog

S + S reception events-25

S + S reception events-41 fsc

S + S reception events-45 bw blog

To start off the reception The Maldives played.  They sounded amazing…

S + S reception candids-241 fsc

S + S reception candids-292

S + S reception candids-299 bw

Next came the dancing….

S + S reception candids-377 bw blog

S + S reception candids-380 blog

S + S reception candids-278 blog

And then came the Karaoke. Steve went first….

S + S reception candids-438 blog

S + S reception candids-436

S + S reception candids-495 blog

S + S reception candids-533 bwS + S portraits-272 blog

S + S portraits-268 fsc blog

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  • sizzle - I love that you shot a wedding there because it’s on my top 3 venue locations when I plan my wedding. It’s also in my ‘hood (Cap Hill represent!) and I love the old feel of it. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into what it could look like!

  • Sally - Lovely work, Dana!!

  • Kip Beelman - Fantastic day. These are all gorgeous!

  • admin - Thanks Sally! 🙂

  • admin - Thanks Kip, thanks for all the gorgeous shots you contributed! 🙂

  • sam - these are just brilliant, Dana!! you and Kip did a fantastic job!

  • Krista - Dana! These photos are fantastic! Looooove ’em!