Southeast Asia: Cambodia – Siem Reap and Phnom Penh – Cambodia Travel Photography

Cambodia was the final destination on my month long journey.  It was also the part of my trip that I traveled alone.  I never felt nervous being on my own, the people were so nice and friendly. I had people chatting with me everywhere I went. And what a beautiful place. Of course Angkor Wat was amazing to see in person, the ruins are just unbelievable.  I also enjoyed Phnom Penh a lot.  It is such a vibrant city!  Here is my final blog post from my adventure! Hope you have enjoyed them. 🙂


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  • Marilee - Dana- thank you for letting me explore Cambodia through your eyes. The old temples are absolutely otherly! I half expected darts or spears to be shooting out and a monkey holding a giant ruby that you would be trying to recover…. This space just doesn’t seem real since I have seen it fantasized in so many movies. What would it really be like to be there in the time when it was in full bloom? I’m so interested in your perspective having been there in real time.

    I am particularly drawn to the image of the monks sitting on the floor. It’s like you captured the exercise entirely. Not up – but down. Here. Now. I LOVE THIS PHOTO!