Skip and Lindsey: The Showbox and Poineer Square – Seattle, WA

I had been looking forward to this engagement session for a couple of reasons.  First of all I knew Skip and Lindsey would be super fun to photograph. And secondly Skip had worked it out so that we could shoot inside the Showbox. That is where the two of them met.   Skip’s band, the Classic Crime, was playing and  Lindsey was brought to the show by one of her friends.  I thought it was a fabulous idea to take some photos there!  When we arrived there was a band already loading in for a show that night. That meant we had to stay clear of the stage and floor area. But we had some fun in the bars and greenroom!  After that we headed to Pioneer Square for some more fun photos.  These two were a dream to photograph. Pretty much every photo looks like they belong in a magazine! I had a great time chatting and getting to know them.  I am very much looking forward to their wedding next winter!

Skip and Lindsey-89 blogSkip and Lindsey-92 cf blog

Skip and Lindsey-111 blog

Skip and Lindsey-116 blog

Skip and Lindsey-108 cf blog

Skip and Lindsey-118 blog

Skip and Lindsey-106 cf blog

Skip and Lindsey-180 cf blog

Skip and Lindsey-184 blog

Skip and Lindsey-189 blog

Skip and Lindsey-194 cf blog

Skip and Lindsey-188 blog

Skip and Lindsey-195 blog

Skip and Lindsey-227 blog

Skip and Lindsey-254 blog

Skip and Lindsey-257 blog

Skip and Lindsey-265 blog

Skip and Lindsey-130 blog

Skip and Lindsey-279 blog

Skip and Lindsey-295 blog

Skip and Lindsey-302 bw blog

And a few from inside the Showbox…

Skip and Lindsey-18 fsb blog

Skip and Lindsey-14 bw blog

Skip and Lindsey-16 bw blog

Skip and Lindsey-58 blog

Skip and Lindsey-26 fsb blog

Skip and Lindsey-36 fsb blog

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  • Lara - Great set, Dana. I especially love the last shot. What a cool place to shoot.

  • admin - Thanks Lara! 🙂