Shelby, Stevi and Maria: Port Townsend, WA

Earlier this week I drove to Port Townsend to meet with three lovely seniors from Port Townsend High School. It was a long trek, but I had a great time! All three of these girls were fabulous and fun to photograph. We met at Chetzemoka Park which was a great park with lots of fun spots. It was a very cold day, and they were all great sports despite the fact that they were absolutely freezing! All of the girls have great plans for next year and I’m so glad I got the chance to meet them. Here are a few photos from each of their sessions.

Maria-134 blog


Maria-12 blog


Stevi-5 blog

Stevi-96 blog

Stevi-53 blog

Stevi-110 blog

Stevi-143 blog

Shelby-120 blog

Shelby-83 blog

Shelby-127 blog

Shelby-28 blog

Shelby-144 blog

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