Sean and Liz: Greenlake and UW campus – Seattle, WA

I met Sean and Liz at their house and we headed over to Greenlake. They live super close by and spend a lot of time there. Once again it was a very gray day.  The great thing about bad weather though is everyone else stays inside! We practically had the lake to ourselves.  And we managed to avoid the rain as well.  I had a great time hanging out with these two for the afternoon.  We had a lot of fun wandering around Greenlake and the University of Washington. Not to mention, they had their adorable dog Willy for the first half of the shoot. He was so cute and had a great time romping around in the grass.  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.  I am looking forward to their wedding this fall!

Sean and Liz-4 afts blog

Sean and Liz-34 fp blog

Sean and Liz-65 fp blog

Sean and Liz-85 eb blog

Sean and Liz-101 eb blog

Sean and Liz-93 eb blog

Sean and Liz-100 eb blog

Sean and Liz-112 eb blog

Sean and Liz-114 eb blog

Sean and Liz-134 fp blog

Sean and Liz-135 fp blog

Sean and Liz-144 fp blog

Sean and Liz-172 bw blog

Sean and Liz-180 fp blog

Sean and Liz-198 fp blog

Sean and Liz-209 fp blog

Sean and Liz-226 afts blog

Sean and Liz-236 fp blog

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  • Laura - Wow!
    I am so blown away! Sean & Liz you look so great and I just LOVE the pics of Sir William. tee-hee-hee
    What a great photographer and I am so excited to see what the wedding pictures look like. I can tell they are going to be AMAZING!! 🙂