Sean and Liz: Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center: Seattle, WA

A few weeks ago I had a great day photographing Sean and Liz’s wedding.  I woke up and it was pouring outside.  Liz had rented umbrellas from the fabulous Bella Umbrella so I knew we would be okay.  I met them at Gasworks Park.  I prepared for a rainy day, and boy it did not disappoint.  It was by far the heaviest rain I have experienced for taking portraits.  But Liz could not have been happier.  She said she had wished for rain because she loved the umbrellas so much!  Thankfully they had amazing friends that helped hold umbrellas for me.  I also tried out my Kata E-702 (in English that means my fancy camera rain cover).  It was so hard to see what photos I was getting but I just hoped they would turn out!  I think we ended up getting a lot of cute ones  and everyone had such a great attitude about being cold and wet. We then headed to the Blue Ribbon Culinary Center where the wedding and reception would take place.  I had never been there and I absolutely loved it! What a cute space. And it was the perfect location for a rainy day.  It was beautiful to watch the rain hit the water and boats outside.  It was such a fun day and I am so happy I got to be a part of it!  Here are some of my favorites.

S + L portraits-1 vs blog

S + L portraits-7 vs blog

S + L portraits-14 vs blog

S + L portraits 1-26 vs blog

S + L portraits-37 vs blog

S + L portraits-50 vs blog

S + L portraits-63 vs blog

S + L portraits-85 vs blog

S + L portraits-96 vs blog

S + L portraits-105 vs blog

S + L portraits-102 vs blog

S + L portraits-118 vs blog

S + L portraits-112 vs blog

S + L portraits-147 vs blog

S + L portraits-137 vs blog

S + L portraits-197 bw blog

S + L portraits-168 vs blog

S + L portraits-229 vs blog

S + L-3 blog

S + L  portraits-287 vs blog

S + L  portraits-285 vs blog

S + L  portraits-297 vs blog

S + L reception candids-34 vs blog

S + L ceremony-49 bw blog

S + L ceremony-62 vs blog

S + L ceremony-99 vs blog

S + L  getting ready-43 blog

S + L reception candids-63 blog

S + L reception events-13 blog

S + L reception events-42 blog

S + L reception events-74 vs blog

S + L reception events-91 bw blog

S + L reception candids-178 vs blog

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