Ryan and Myra: Snoqualmie, WA

I met with Ryan and Myra on a wonderfully mild winter afternoon.  They wanted to hang out in Snoqualmie to take photos and I was excited about that.  I haven’t spent much time in that area and it’s always fun to explore somewhere new.  I had such a great day with these two! We started in town and had some fun taking photos around the old trains.  They are both in the military so of course I had to include one photo from the army car!  Then we decided to head towards the Falls.  The trail is closed right now due to construction so we just decided to drive and see what we could find. We ended up finding a lovely secluded spot along the river.  It was so beautiful and they were so much fun to photograph. They were up for whatever, even jumping through the river to get to the other bank.  After that we headed up to the wet observation deck at the Falls.  We ended by getting soaked and taking some fun shots in the mist.  I am so looking forward to seeing these two again for their wedding at Crystal Mountain!

Ryan and Myra-24 cf blog 1

Ryan and Myra-34 cf blog

Ryan and Myra-100 cf blog

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