Ryan and Heather: Red Hook Brewery – Woodinville, WA

I met Ryan and Heather at one of their favorite spots – the Red Hook Brewery. Ryan used to live really close and they spent a lot of time getting to know each other there.  I was excited because I always love exploring new places!  I knew that Heather was a little nervous about how long Ryan would put up with me taking photos.  But it turns out he surprised us both and appeared to even be enjoying himself at times!  I think Heather got tired of taking photos before he did.  I had a great time getting to know them and laughing.  I think we got some great photos out of the day!  Here are some of my favorites.

Ryan and Heather-6 fp blog

Ryan and Heather-10 cf blog

Ryan and Heather-16 fp blog

Ryan and Heather-35 fp blog

Ryan and Heather-46 fp blog

Ryan and Heather-31 ll blog

Ryan and Heather-58 cf blog

Ryan and Heather-98 cf blog

Ryan and Heather-55 sg blog

Ryan and Heather-64 sg blog

Ryan and Heather-68 cf blog

Ryan and Heather-108 fp blog

Ryan and Heather-87 sg blog

Ryan and Heather-166 bg blog

Ryan and Heather-123 fp blog

Ryan and Heather-171 bg blog

Ryan and Heather-148 fp blog

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