Ross and Amelia: Golden Gardens – Seattle, WA

This past weekend I met with Ross and Amelia at one of their favorite spots.  We decided to meet rain or shine, since we had already cancelled the weekend before.  We managed to get very lucky, as it was raining all morning but stopped a few minutes before we started.  It actually turned out to be beautiful, despite the fact that we were freezing!! We were practically the only ones on the beach, which is always nice.  I had a lot of fun with them, they were great to photograph! And despite the fact that we were all cold, I think we managed to get some great pictures! =) I’m looking forward to their wedding in April…


Ross and Amelia-3 blog


Ross and Amelia cs-39 blog


Ross and Amelia-23 blog


Ross and Amelia-78 bw blog


Ross and Amelia-35 blog


Ross and Amelia-56 tl blog


Ross and Amelia-140 tl blog


Ross and Amelia-100 blog



Ross and Amelia blog


Ross and Amelia-137 tl blog

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  • Denise Pleasant - Absolutely love the one with the umbrella and the one with the trees!! Great job, as always!!