Ron and Kristin: University of Washington Campus and the Ave – Seattle, WA

This past weekend I spent the day with Ron and Kristin to do their engagement photos.  And when I say spent the day, I mean it! It turned into an all day affair.  The forecast was a bit iffy, but we decided to go for it anyways.  On my drive over the rain started.  We decided to wait it out for a while inside a Brewery on the Ave.  We spent quite a while sitting in the Brewery chatting and watching the forecasted tsunami in Hawaii.  Eventually I thought we might as well take some photos inside to get warmed up so we started with that.  As the sky started to look brighter we headed over to UW to give it a go.  The afternoon eventually turned lovely and we were able to get a lot of great photos!  I had such a good time hanging with them. They are such an awesome couple!  We ran into a cirque troupe and Kristin went right up to them and asked to take a photo with them. I think you can figure out which one.   I am so looking forward to their wedding in May. Here are a few of the photos we took.

Ron and Kristin-10 tl blog

Ron and Kristin-24 tl blog

Ron and Kristin-39 mo blog

Ron and Kristin-151 cw blog

Ron and Kristin-153 fp blog

Ron and Kristin-178 rv blog

Ron and Kristin-169 fp blog

Ron and Kristin-117 tl blog

Ron and Kristin-130 bw blog

Ron and Kristin-41 tl blog

Ron and Kristin-135 rv blog

Ron and Kristin-136 cw blog

Ron and Kristin-196 fp blog

Ron and Kristin-198 blog

Ron and Kristin-226 cw blog

Ron and Kristin-242 rv blog

Ron and Kristin-251 blog

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  • kristin - Dana, these are fantastic! We had so much fun this weekend and can’t wait till the wedding!