Peter and Lindsay: Mercer Island Presbyterian Church and the Hall at Fauntleroy – Seattle wedding photography

Peter and Lindsay’s wedding was my last wedding of 2010 and a great way to end the year!  After  a week of solid rain I had mentally prepared myself for a very soggy day.  I woke up that morning to a partly clear sky, but I didn’t get my hopes up. I met them at the church and it still wasn’t raining. We headed out for portraits and it remained clear for all of our time at the park.  I was so excited because we were able to get a lot of great photos before the rain arrived! Unfortunately, the rain hit just in time for bridal party portraits. But Lindsay had planned for this and we went to an amazing house with plenty of under cover options.  After that we headed back to the church. The ceremony was packed which is no suprise since Lindsay is the youth pastor there. They had a lovely reception at the church and it was fun to see Lindsay interact with all of her students.  Then we packed up and headed to the Hall at Fauntleroy.  It was a lovely evening with touching toasts and lots of fun and dancing.  I am happy I got to be a part of their special day and it was a great way to end my fabulous year of weddings. Thanks to the wonderful Jeramie Shoda for second shooting with me. It’s always a pleasure to have him along!

P + L portraits-122 ex blog

P + L portraits-20 vs blog

P + L portraits-66 bw blog

P + L portraits-44 vs blog

P + L portraits-84 vs blog

P + L portraits-85 vs blog

P + L portraits-92 vs blog

P + L portraits-106 vs blog

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P + L portraits-134 vs blog

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P + L portraits-291 vs blog

P + L portraits-238 bw blog

P + L portraits-183 vs blog

P + L ceremony-53 eb blog

P + L ceremony-77 eb blog

P + L ceremony-150 eb blog

P + L ceremony-169 blog

P + L ceremony-185 bw blog

P + L church reception-146 blog

P + L church reception-79 blog

P + L church reception-99 bw blog

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P + L reception candids-40 blog

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P + L reception candids-133 eb blog

P + L reception events-29 eb blog

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P + L reception events-87 eb blog

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