Mike and Joohee: Pioneer Square and Golden Gardens – Seattle, WA

A couple of weeks ago I met Mike and Joohee for their engagement session.  The weather was definitely looking mediocre , but we decided to go for it anyways. Well by the time I met them in Pioneer Square it was pouring.  So we decided to get a snack and wait it out.  It was one of those crazy weather days where one minute it’s pouring and the next the sun is out.  So basically our afternoon consisted of taking photos for a few minutes and then running for cover!  They were such good sports though, not one complaint.  We had some fun in Pioneer Square and  then headed over to Golden Gardens as the sky started to clear. I was feeling optimistic on the drive over as the rain seemed to have passed. But then I stepped out of the car.  It was windy. And not just a nice breeze, it was wind that could blow you over.  I felt so bad for Joohee, her hair was blowing everywhere. She put it in a pony tail for awhile, but even then it was hard to tame.  We had some amazing light though and despite the crazy day I am super happy with the photos we managed to take! Not to mention I had a great time hanging out with these two. They are such a cool couple and I can’t wait until their awesome wedding in July!

Mike and joohee-17 fp blog

Mike and joohee-16 fp blog

Mike and joohee-9 fp blog

Mike and joohee-48 fp blog

Mike and joohee-74 fp blog

Mike and joohee-105 afts blog

Mike and joohee-99 fp blog

Mike and joohee-154 afts blog

Mike and joohee-80 afts blog

Mike and joohee-160 fp blog

Mike and joohee-193 eb blog

Mike and joohee-205 fp blog

Mike and joohee-220 fp blog

Mike and joohee-222 fp blog

Mike and joohee-231 fp blog

Mike and joohee-238 fp blog

Mike and joohee-259 fp blog

Mike and joohee-263 fp blog

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