Mike and Erin: Canterwood Golf and Country Club – Gig Harbor, WA

First of all, let me say that July was quite an adventure!  I had 7 amazing weddings, and it has been insane. It’s impossible to keep up, and I now have 4 weddings that need to be edited. I am doing my best though, and I am not complaining. I am so grateful for all of my awesome couples.  A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of  traveling to Gig Harbor for the wedding of Mike and Erin.  I had not spent any time in Gig Harbor before and I really loved it. It’s a beautiful little town and the people are lovely!  We had so much fun during portrait time at the waterfront.  We were taking photos on the dock and a man who was on his yacht asked if we would like to take photos on board. Of course we said yes! There was also a concert about to begin in the park, and one of the groomsmen asked if we could all get up onstage. To my surprise they said yes!  That would never happen in Seattle. 🙂  So needless to say, we managed to get a lot of great photos and had a great time.  The wedding was also lovely. The sun even came out during the ceremony!  It was a great celebration and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.  Thanks again to Melissa Fenno for second shooting with me and doing a fabulous job.  Here are some of my faves from the day.

M + E getting ready-35 bw 2 blog

M + E getting ready-71 bw blog

M + E getting ready-66 fp blog

M + E getting ready-151 blog

M + E portraits-96 fp blog

M + E portraits-89 fp blog

M + E portraits-111 fp blog

M + E portraits-107 fp blog

M + E portraits-104 fp blog

M + E portraits-139 fp blog

M + E portraits-186 eb blog

M + E portraits-174 eb blog

M + E portraits-268 fp blog

M + E portraits-259 fp blog

M + E portraits-260 fp blog

M + E portraits-277 fp blog

M + E portraits-289 fp blog

M + E portraits-295 fp blog

M + E portraits-305 fp blog

M + E portraits-323 fp blog

M + E portraits-330 fp blog

M + E ceremony-31 fp blog

M + E ceremony-76 fp blog

M + E ceremony-87 fp blog

M + E ceremony-136 fp blog

M + E ceremony-236 fp blog

M + E getting ready-131 blog

M + E reception events-185 fp blog

M + E reception events-136 blog

M + E reception candids-150 blog

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