Max: Lynwood, WA

A couple of months ago Amy and Jordan contacted me about photographing their baby.  I met them at one of my favorite weddings last summer. Jordan was in the bridal party.  I told them I haven’t had much experience other than with my nephews!  We decided to give it a try anyways.  Amy was great about doing research and sending me photo ideas.  I was a bit nervous, but the moment I saw Max my heart melted. He is the most adorable thing ever!  He immediately smiled at me when I arrived so I knew it was all going to work out.  He was SO good and he put up with us without a fuss for almost an hour and a half.  Boy was he a mover though!  I’m not used to my subjects being so wriggly. 🙂  I got so many great photos it was hard to decide which to blog. Here are a few.  Thanks Amy and Jordan for letting me photograph your adorable child!

Max-32 cf blog

Max-7 cf blog

Max-2 cf blog

Max-31 cf blog

Max-16 bw blog

Max-21 bw blog

Max-56 cf blog

Max-33 bw blog

Max-26 cf blog

Max-128 cf blog

Max-120 cf blog

Max-95 cf blog

Max-121 cf blog

Max-132 cf

Max-125 bw blog

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  • Kristin - Oh, man, he IS a looker! I don’t think you’re allowed to say he’s the most adorable baby ever, though…you know…you’re supposed to think my kids are! But, I can’t definitely see why you say that, cause I have to agree, he’s freakin adorable!

  • Saskia - You captured such a beautiful baby. I’m sure the parents will love these!