Matt and Debra: Sekiu, WA

A few weeks ago I made the trek out to Sekiu for the breathtaking wedding of Matt and Debra.  I had never heard of Sekiu and neither had anyone else I mentioned it to.  It’s a small fishing town on the coast further out than I had ever traveled in this state.  The drive out there was gorgeous and I had a feeling the wedding location was going to be amazing.  But it was way more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Matt’s geology professor from college owns this amazing piece of land and graciously allowed them to have their wedding there.  Even the drive to the property was very steep and windy.  But when I parked and walked out through the trees, there was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.   It was such a beautiful place for a wedding.  All of the details were amazing as well. Debra put so much time and thought into everything and it really showed.  I had so much fun with the two of them taking portraits as well. It was like a photographer’s dream.  I had such a great time at this wedding and it was so worth the trek out there!

M + D getting ready-23 vs blog

M + D reception candids-48 vs blog

M + D portraits-6 vs blog

M + D portraits-42 vs blog

M + D portraits-38 cf vs blog

M + D portraits-29 blog

M + D portraits-97 bg blog

M + D portraits-95 bg blog

M + D portraits-75 cf blog

M + D portraits-141 bg blog

M + D portraits-153 bg blog

M + D portraits-162 cf blog

M + D portraits-53 bg blog

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M + D ceremony-46 vs blog

M + D ceremony-100 vs blog

M + D ceremony-82 vs blog

M + D ceremony-159 vs blog

M + D portraits-86 vs blog

M + D getting ready-15 vs blog

M + D getting ready-3 vs blog

M + D getting ready-37 vs blog

M + D getting ready-44 vs blog

M + D getting ready-52 vs blog

M + D reception candids-101 vs blog

M + D reception candids-107 vs blog

M + D reception candids-140 vs blog

M + D reception candids-115 blog

M + D portraits-172 bg blog

M + D portraits-175 bg blog

M + D portraits-210 bg blog

M + D portraits-207 bg blog

M + D portraits-236 bg blog

M + D portraits-239 bg blog

M + D portraits-246 vs blog

M + D portraits-243 vs blog

M + D portraits-250 vs blog

M + D reception candids-156 vs blog

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  • Debra - LOVE!!!!!!!!! these!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox THANK YOU!

  • Terril Perrine - Looks like it was a great wedding. Derba and Matt congrats on finding each other. The photographer did an outstanding job also.

    Terril and Karen Perrine