Matt and Debra: Georgetown and Sculpture Park – Seattle, WA

A couple of weeks ago Matt and Debra drove up from Eugene, OR so that we could do an engagement session! They recently moved there from Seattle because Matt got a job there. So I was glad they were able to find the time to drive up so we could take photos and hang out.  We had an amazing day to wander around Georgetown. I’ve said it before,  I love the energy of Georgetown and love shooting there. We even snuck into a warehouse  and I love the photos we got inside.  I had a great time spending the afternoon with these two, and I’m SO looking forward to their wedding. After Georgetown we headed over to the Sculpture Park for a few more photos.  The sun was getting low and the light was gorgeous there.  It was pretty much a perfect afternoon! Here are some of my faves from our day.

Matt and Debra-6 fp blog

Matt and Debra-49 fp blog

Matt and Debra-25 bg blog

Matt and Debra-35 fp blog

Matt and Debra-30 fp blog

Matt and Debra-65 fp blog

Matt and Debra-84 bg blog

Matt and Debra-103 er blog

Matt and Debra-105 er blog

Matt and Debra-119 bg blog

Matt and Debra-146 fp blog

Matt and Debra-167 eb blog

Matt and Debra-193 fp su blog

Matt and Debra-216 eb blog

Matt and Debra-223 fp blog

Matt and Debra-242 eb blog

Matt and Debra-261 fp blog

Matt and Debra-265 fp blog

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  • chantal - fantastic images! So many great colors and different spots. Nice work.