John and Theresa: Washington Arboretum

I met with John and Theresa on a beautiful May afternoon.  We were so happy for the nice day because we had to cancel once before due to weather.  We met at the Arboretum, which is becoming one of my favorite spots to photograph! It’s so gorgeous there with so many directions to wander.  I had a really great time hanging out with these two.  They were up for anything and were super easy to photograph.  As the sun started to set, the mosquitoes started to appear, and poor John was eaten alive.  But he didn’t complain!  I think it was worth the sacrifice, the light was so amazing.  But I guess you would have to ask him!  I’m super excited I get to hang out with these two at their wedding this summer.  Here are some of the photos we took.

John and Theresa-27 afts blog

John and Theresa-24 afts blog

John and Theresa-41 sg blog

John and Theresa-34 sg blog

John and Theresa-72 sg blog

John and Theresa-64 fp blog

John and Theresa-56 fp blog

John and Theresa-92 afts blog

John and Theresa-102 cf blog

John and Theresa-109 cf blog

John and Theresa-127 cf blog

John and Theresa-142 cf blog

John and Theresa-162 blog

John and Theresa-175 afts blog

John and Theresa-188 afts blog

John and Theresa-203 afts blog

John and Theresa-210 afts blog

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