John and Theresa: Court in the Square – Seattle, WA

I had such a wonderful time with John and Theresa at their wedding a few weeks ago. The wedding was at the awesome Court in the Square which is such a beautiful space.   I woke up that morning and it was raining.  I crossed my fingers that it would stop soon.  I left for the venue, and it was still raining.  But I was still positive it would stop before it was time for portraits. It was July after all.  I hadn’t even thought of rain options for portraits, and in July you should not have to!!  But John and Theresa were in great spirits and they didn’t let it bother them in the least. No one even had umbrellas but luckily I had grabbed one just in case.  I  gave it to the bride and groom and we set out in the rain.  They were amazing. I didn’t hear a single complaint out of them or the bridal party. We managed to find some spots that were undercover and got a lot of great photos. It was such a fun day and everything looked so beautiful.  This group knew how to have a good time and it was fun watching them dance. Thanks to Tracey Marshall for coming along to second shoot for me!  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

J + T getting ready-114 cf blog

J + T getting ready-74 blog

J + T getting ready-88 blog

J + T portraits-23 blog

J + T portraits-35 cf blog

J + T portraits-56 cf blog

J + T portraits-71 cf blog

J + T portraits-77 cf blog

J + T portraits-45 cf blog

J + T portraits-60 cf blog

J + T portraits-106 cf blog

J + T portraits-107 blog

J + T portraits-101 bw blog

J + T portraits-118 cf blog

J + T portraits-162 cf blog

J + T portraits-199 cf blog

J + T portraits-201 cf blog

J + T portraits-205 cf blog

J + T portraits-211 cf blog

J + T portraits-215 cf blog

ceremony-65 cf blog

ceremony-97 cf blog

ceremony-120 cf blog

J + T getting ready-11 blog

J + T getting ready-17 blog

J + T reception events-66 cf blog

J + T reception events-64 blog

J + T reception candids-206 blog

J + T reception candids-109 blog

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  • Frank and Carlina Dellapolla (Aunt and Uncle) - Just beautiful, what a beautiful couple you both make and the photos are spectacular, God bless you both and may the future bring good health, happiness and all that is good; it looks like such a beautiful wedding.

    Lots of love from.
    Tio Frank and Tia Carlina from Edison NJ

  • Robert and Chayo Dalton - Beatiful wedding photos. You both look great!!!!!!!!!!.

    May God bless both of you and bring you happiness, understanding and plenty of love,

    Robert, Alex and Chayo Dalton from Harrison, AR