Joe and Steffanie: EMP and Sculpture Park – Seattle, WA

I finally met up with Joe and Steffanie to take their engagement photos.  They are so busy right now and it took us awhile to find a day that worked!  Joe is running for State Senate in the upcoming election and Steffanie just recently took the LSAT. So needless to say their lives have been crazy.  But I was happy to get to spend a couple of hours getting to know them.  We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of laughing.  Joe is very goofy and makes Steffanie laugh a lot.  This makes my job very easy! I just took photos of them interacting and had a great time.  They are huge Sci Fi fans so we started at the EMP/Science Fiction Museum.  After that we headed to the Sculture Park to catch the  sunset.  It was a gorgeous evening and we had great light at the beach.  Here are a few of my favorites from our evening.

Joe and Steffanie-11 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-12 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-27 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-22 blog

Joe and Steffanie-65 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-38 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-75 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-71 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-94 fp blog

Joe and Steffanie-96 fp blog

Joe and Steffanie-142 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-158 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-160 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-168 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-180 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-213 cf blog

Joe and Steffanie-193 blog

Joe and Steffanie-206 bg blog

Joe and Steffanie-201 bg blog

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