Jason and Paula: Duvall, WA

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to photograph the lovely wedding of Jason and Paula.  The wedding took place on Jason’s family’s property and was such a gorgeous piece of land!  They had been growing plants and flowers in preparation for this wedding for a long time, and their hard work definitely paid off.  It was a wonderful place to have a wedding. I was looking forward to this wedding because not only do I love Paula and Jason, but I knew there would be a lot of familiar faces at this wedding.  Paula was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings last year. They have a fabulous circle of friends and it was great to see everyone!  I had a ton of fun exploring the property with these two for portraits. They were definitely up for anything!  I love the photos we took at sunset and I’m so glad we snuck away for a few minutes to take them.  The ceremony was short but super sweet.  Then they had Armadillo BBQ show up and serve an amazing dinner.  It was just a fun afternoon all around and I am happy I got to be a part of it! And thanks again to Melissa Fenno for being an awesome and creative second shooter!  Here are some of my faves from the day.

J + P portraits-117 fp blog

J + P portraits-84 cm blog

J + P portraits-106 fp blog

J + P portraits-59 fp blog

J + P portraits-62 fp blog

J + P portraits-137 vs blog

J + P portraits-211 fp blog

J + P portraits-167 fp blog

J + P portraits-147 fp blog

J + P portraits-219 fp blog

J + P portraits-112 vs blog

J + P portraits-90 vs blog

J + P getting ready-7 vs blog

J + P reception candids-37 blog

J + P ceremony-54 vs blog

J + P ceremony-50 vs blog

J + P ceremony-88 vs blog

J + P ceremony-96 vs blog

J + P getting ready-116 blog

J + P getting ready-131 blog

J + P reception events-22 blog

J + P reception candids-120 vs blog

J + P getting ready-48 blog

J + P portraits-294 vs blog

J + P portraits-295 blog

J + P portraits-285 vs blog

J + P portraits-276 vs blog

J + P portraits-304 vs blog

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  • Grace Beebe - These are such awesome pictures of a lovely wedding. You do excellent work.

  • Charlotte Einarson Taylor - Amazing photos, they communicate the joy, love and wonder of that day so beautifully. Would have loved to see a picture of Carrie tho, miss my amazingly, beautiful and very special cousin!