James and Lauren: Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA

I met up with James and Lauren on a crazy Seattle spring day.  On my drive to the market it was pouring.  I mean the kind of rain that your windshield wipers can’t clear fast enough.  I had brought a rain coat and umbrella but I was saying a prayer to the weather gods for a break. By the time I walked to meet them it had slowed to a drizzle.  James was thrilled to be taking photos. Ok that is a lie. He was very reluctant to be there.  I don’t know why because he is actually quite photogenic.  I had a great time with these two wandering around the market area. They laugh a lot and have a good time together.   After a while the rain actually stopped and the sky was amazing.  Here are some of the photos from our rainy adventure. James and Lauren-4 blogJames and Lauren-96 blogJames and Lauren-99 fsc blogJames and Lauren-9 fsc blogJames and Lauren-101 bw blogJames and Lauren-113 fsc blog

James and Lauren-23 blogJames and Lauren-54 fsc blog

James and Lauren-136 fsc blog

James and Lauren-138 fsc blog

James and Lauren-72 bw blog

James and Lauren-183 fsc blog

James and Lauren-190 blog

James and Lauren-153 fsc blog

James and Lauren-155 fsc blog

James and Lauren-162 blog

James and Lauren-165 blog

James and Lauren-201 blog

James and Lauren-200 blog

James and Lauren-193 blog

James and Lauren-169 fsc blog

James and Lauren-171 cf blog

James and Lauren-198 fsc blog

James and Lauren 250 blog

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  • Saskia - Great job. I love that kissing Pike Place Market shot. Its really a unique perspective in such a common location.

  • admin - Thanks Saskia! 🙂

  • Kristin - I like the seagull!
    Oh, and the shots of the couple are great too! They have a lot of character!

  • Brina - Love the puddle reflection shot!