Evan and Lorraine: Mt. Vernon, WA

Last weekend I headed north with Evan and Lorraine for an engagement session.   It turned into quite an adventure! When I had asked them where they would like to go for photos, they told me they thought it would be fun to go to one of the abandoned houses from my “Abandoned” series. I loved the idea of course! We decided to go to the tulip festival as well since we were going all the way out to Mt. Vernon.  As we left Seattle the weather seemed ok, but as we got further north the sky was getting darker and darker.  When we arrived at the house it was SO windy.  And then a few minutes later it started raining. We sat in the car waiting it out, and after awhile decided to go for it even though it was still sprinkling. Eventually the sky started to clear and we got some really amazing light. We trekked all around Mt. Vernon stopping at interesting spots to take photos.    I had so much fun hanging out with them all day, and we got SO many fabulous photos. It was really hard to choose a few for the blog. I can’t wait until their wedding this fall.  Thanks Lorraine and Evan for being such good sports and spending your entire Saturday with me! 🙂

Evan and Lorraine-34 eb blog

Evan and Lorraine-35 fp blog

Evan and Lorraine-65 eb blog

Evan and Lorraine-81 eb blog

Evan and Lorraine-76 eb blog

Evan and Lorraine-43 eb blog

Evan and Lorraine-53 fp blog

Evan and Lorraine-99 at blog

Evan and Lorraine-104 fp blog

Evan and Lorraine-145 fp blog

Evan and Lorraine-121 cf blog

Evan and Lorraine-132 blog

Evan and Lorraine-177 cf blog

Evan and Lorraine-173 fp blog

Evan and Lorraine-158 fp blog

Evan and Lorraine-161 fp blog

Evan and Lorraine-183 at blog

Evan and Lorraine-199 eb blog

Evan and Lorraine-196 eb blog

Evan and Lorraine-190 fp blog

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  • Colleen - Lori is my cousin and these pictures are amazing,beautiful and they definatley are meant to be together forever!

  • Lorraine Cunningham - Dana – you are the best photographer. Thank you so much for such a great day and such beautiful photos!

  • admin - Thanks Colleen! 🙂

  • admin - Thank YOU so much, I had a great time and I’m so glad you guys love the photos.