Evan and Lorraine: Luna Park and Manchester State Park

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Evan and Lorraine’s wedding.  I had been looking forward to their wedding all summer because I had such a blast with them at their engagement session.  They were definitely one of my favorite engagement sessions.  They both photograph beautifully and are such awesome people.  We had amazing weather for portraits.  We headed to Discovery Park and I had so much fun with all of them.  Lorraine has such great style.  She and her bridesmaids were all in matching boots that were adorable.  The ceremony was intimate and special, just family and close friends.  Then I met them a couple of days later at Manchester State Park for their reception.  I had never been there before and it was beautiful!  It was a lovely afternoon of celebration.  I love SO many photos from this portrait session that it was hard to choose for the blog.  Here are a few of them!

E + L getting ready-48 vs blog

E + L getting ready-15 blog

E + L getting ready-66 vs blog

E + L portraits-5 blog

E + L portraits-32 vs blog

E + L portraits-36 vs blog

E + L portraits-83 vs blog

E + L portraits-96 vs blog

E + L portraits-112 vs blog

E + L portraits-114 blog

E + L portraits-123 vs blog

E + L portraits-130 vs blog

E + L portraits-59 vs blog

E + L portraits-148 vs blog

E + L portraits-156 vs blog

E + L portraits-163 vs blog

E + L portraits-198 vs blog

E + L portraits-193 vs blog

E + L ceremony-69 bg blog

E + L ceremony-161 bg blog

E + L ceremony-133 bg blog

E + L ceremony-170 blog

E + L ceremony-180 bg blog

E + L  portraits-224 vs blog

E + L portraits-263 vs blog

E + L portraits-269 vs blog

E + L portraits-253 vs blog

E + L portraits-234 eb blog

E + L reception-27 vs blog

E + L reception-1 blog

E + L reception-206 blog

E + L reception-272 blog

E + L reception-292 vs blog

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  • Saskia - Love it. The photos in the field are just breathtaking. I love the processing too.

  • stacey clark - Hey love the blog…Rebecca is a constant “creeper” and always comments to Jon about your photo’s so of course I had to check them out… Too bad you are not closer since I need senior photo’s of Ty along with dance headshots for auditions, etc. Anyway more importantly, love those boots in the photo – by chance do we know what brand????

    Hope to meet along the way and the travels on Al’s part since we seem to never leave the dreaded midwest!!!!