Erik and Mindy: Mill Creek Foursquare Church and Edmonds Yacht Club – Edmonds, WA

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Erik and Mindy’s wedding. I had been looking forward to their wedding because I had such a great time with them during their engagement session.  It was a perfect day and we had a lot of fun taking photos down on the docks of Edmonds.  They are both so photogenic and easy to photograph. They make my job very easy!  I loved the details and colors they chose for the day.  Everything looked beautiful.  During dinner the sky started to turn a beautiful pink.  We had already taken plenty of photos, but the sunset was too amazing to pass up!  So we went back out on the docks and the sky continued to get more beautiful.  It was definitely the prettiest sunset I have ever seen while shooting a wedding.   Hopefully they will think it was worth the extra time!  I was lucky enough to have the fabulous Saskia M Photography shooting with me and as always she took amazing photos!   Here are some of my favorites from the day.

E + M getting ready-34 blog

E + M getting ready-98 bg blog

E + M getting ready-49 eb blog

E + M portraits-313 vs blog

E + M portraits-319 vs blog

E + M portraits-112 bg

E + M portraits-120 vs blog

E + M portraits-139 bg blog

E + M portraits-156 vs blog

E + M portraits-194 vs blog

E + M portraits-169 vs blog

E + M portraits-234 vs blog

E + M portraits-212 vs blog

E + M portraits-291 bg blog

E + M portraits-297 bg blog

E + M portraits-289 bg blog

E + M portraits-347 vs blog

E + M portraits-339 vs blog

E + M ceremony-105 blog

E + M ceremony-188 blog

E + M getting ready-2 blog

E + M getting ready-26 blog

E + M getting ready-20 blog

E + M reception candids-51 vs blog

E + M reception events-44 vs blog

E + M reception events-29 vs blog

E + M reception events-51 vs blog

E + M portraits-370 cf blog

E + M portraits-371 sg blog

E + M portraits-374 sg blog

E + M portraits-380 vs blog

E + M portraits-389 cf blog

E + M reception events-187 bw blog

E + M reception candids-230 blog

E + M reception candids-235 blog

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  • Cozbi - I absolutely LOVED these photos! It is such a blessing to see brides put interest and care into each and every detail so intimately, and to have them captured even better!
    Really, the look of these photos is just grand and really captures the day and essence, and you can tell easily that these are very true to the bride, groom and group of people they had with them.

    LOVELY job to all!

  • admin - Thanks so much the nice compliment! And yes, the details were beautiful…