Erik and Mindy: Gas Works Park and Georgetown – Seattle, WA

I was so excited to meet Erik and Mindy at Gasworks Park to take  engagement photos.  I had not met them yet because they live in L.A. but are getting married here in Seattle.  I was really looking forward to finally meeting them after a lot of conversing via email and phone.  I had such a great day with them.  They are just the dream couple to photograph. They were goofy with each other and laughed a lot. They were comfortable in front of the camera and both very photogenic! What more could you ask for really? The Park was super busy as you would expect on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We managed to find some places where we could take great photos.  Then we headed over to Georgetown.  I’m always game for Gtown because there are so many cool spots!   We also had the most beautiful day you could ask for and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I am so looking forward to seeing them again for their wedding in July!  It was hard to choose for the blog, but here are some of my favorites.

Erik and Mindy-35 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-33 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-9 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-53 blog

Erik and Mindy-57 blog

Erik and Mindy-100 tl blog

Erik and Mindy-104 tl blog

Erik and Mindy-110 tl blog

Erik and Mindy-78 eb blog

Erik and Mindy-88 eb blog

Erik and Mindy-144 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-169 blog

Erik and Mindy-170 blog

Erik and Mindy-167 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-185 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-193 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-195 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-221 eb blog

Erik and Mindy-215 eb blog

Erik and Mindy-252 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-258 fp blog

Erik and Mindy-268 fp blog

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  • Rita Behl - Loved the pictures….