Eddie and Jill: Portland, OR

I drove down to Portland earlier this week for 2 reasons.  One was to see my favorite singer Sia in concert.  The other was to take engagement photos with Jill and Eddie!  Jill is one of my best friends since childhood. We met when we were 7.  She likes to tell a Forest Gump type story about how we met, although I don’t remember.  She had just moved to the neighborhood and got on the school bus for the first time.  I told her she could sit next to me, and we have been friends ever since.  I’ve had the chance to spend some time with Eddie as well over the past few years and love hanging out with them!  We got up bright and early and headed out to some of their favorite spots around town.  It was a beautiful day for photos!  I had a lot of fun shooting in Portland – it’s such a gorgeous city.  I’m so looking forward to their wedding in August. Here are a few from our shoot that I liked!

Jill and Eddie-30 blog

Jill and Eddie-33 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-10 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-56 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-41 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-50 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-94 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-96 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-102 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-126 bg blog 1

Jill and Eddie-142 sg blog

Jill and Eddie-151 sg blog

Jill and Eddie-159 fp blog

Jill and Eddie-160 rb blog

Jill and Eddie-167 bg blog 1

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  • Jenny (Onustack) Herbison - Wow! Dana, these are so fun. Jill and Eddie look great. It makes me want to visit Portland too!