Drew and Jennie: Georgetown – Seattle, WA

I met up with Drew and Jennie in Georgetown to take some engagement photos. They have been traveling a lot  this summer so I was happy to finally  meet up with them.  As I have mentioned many times, Georgetown is one of my favorite spots to shoot.  And this time was even more of a treat because we managed to trespass into the old Brewery.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, someone else had knocked the door in, so all we had to do was climb through a bit of rubble and slide through the door.   I’ve shot outside the Brewery many times so it was quite a treat to go inside. These two were totally up for it and didn’t mind getting a little dirty for some great photos!  After that we wandered around and found some other fun spots. It was great getting to know these two and I can’t wait for their wedding in a few weeks!

Drew and Jennie-14 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-3 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-27 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-35 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-36 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-42 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-53 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-59 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-68 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-69 eb blog

Drew and Jennie-80 fp blog

Drew and Jennie-81 fp blog

Drew and Jennie-91 fp blog

Drew and Jennie-108 blog

Drew and Jennie-119 vs blog

Drew and Jennie-126 vs blog

Drew and Jennie-130 fp blog

Drew and Jennie-145 vs blog

Drew and Jennie-158 vs blog

Drew and Jennie-166 vs blog

Drew and Jennie-140 vs blog

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  • Kristin - That place is beyond cool!