David and Maria: Annie Wright School – Tacoma, WA

David and Maria are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. I had such a great time with them on their big day.  Their wedding was at Annie Wright, which was a new space for me.  It is SO cool!  I absolutely loved it there and the decor that Maria chose was just perfect for the space.  I also got to work with my favorite wedding planner Ellen from Serenity Weddings.  She is so great and the day always runs smoothly when she is around!!  It was a lovely ceremony and reception with lots of dancing and laughing.  David and Maria have a great group of family and friends. I also had a blast shooting with the fabulous Kip Beelman. He is super talented and has such a talent of getting everyone to laugh!  Here are some of my favorite moments from the day.

D + M getting ready-9 fsc blog

D + M getting ready-11 fsc blog

D + M getting ready-43 blog

D + M getting ready-27 bw blog

D + M getting ready-38 blog

D + M getting ready-31 fsc blog

D + M getting ready-54 blog

D + M getting ready-75 bw blog

D + M getting ready-79 fsc blog

D + M getting ready-86 fsc blog

D + M getting ready-103 bw blog

D + M portraits-229 blog

D + M portraits-21 cf blog

D + M portraits-69 cf blog

D + M portraits-78 blog

D + M portraits-56 blog

D + M portraits-89 blog

D + M portraits-128 cf blog

D + M portraits-120 cf blog

D + M portraits-174 cf blog

D + M portraits-182 cf blog

D + M portraits-141 blog

D + M family portraits-38 cf blog

D + M family portraits-56 bw blog

D + M getting ready-173 blog

D + M ceremony-36 cf blog

D + M ceremony-50 blog

D + M ceremony-72 cf blog

D + M ceremony-116 blog

D + M portraits-215 cf blog

D + M portraits-243 dnm blog

D + M getting ready-140 cf blog

D + M getting ready-160 blog

D + M reception events-14 bw blog

D + M reception events-40 bw blog

D + M reception candids-251 blog

D + M reception candids-264 bw blog

D + M reception candids-158 cf blog

D + M reception candids-321 blog

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