Bridal shoot part 1: Sodo and Georgetown – Seattle, WA

I am so excited to start blogging the photos from the bridal shoot this past weekend!  Last spring I met Melissa, who owns Pure Hair in West Seattle, and we have been talking about doing this shoot ever since! With both of our crazy schedules, we were finally able to put it together.  A few months ago while flying, I happened to be sitting next to Shari Noble, who is a photo stylist transitioning into makeup.  We exchanged info, and she decided to collaborate with us on this shoot as well!

Going into it we felt a bit unorganized, aside from having models and dresses.  But we decided to just go with the flow, and ended up having SO much fun!  I have so many photos I want to share I’m going to post them in three parts.  And last but not least, I have to thank our AMAZING models Megan and Cherisse.  They were so great, it was very cold outside and they froze with smiles on their faces! We could not have asked for cooler girls to photograph, so thank you guys SO much. Also thanks  to Shannon Fink for coming along to assist, you were a great help! Ok, here goes  the first set!

2-15-10-32 blog

2-15-10-21 blog

2-15-10-39 blog

2-15-10-9 fp blog

2-15-10-49 blog

2-15-10-54 blog

2-15-10-65 blog

2-15-10-102 blog

2-15-10-108 blog

2-15-10-89 blog

2-15-10-143 blog

2-15-10-147 cw blog

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  • Shyann - Beautiful!!! Love those dresses! 🙂 You did a kick ass job! 🙂

  • Denise - Wow, what works of art! Beautiful job!!

  • Stephie - I really liked this session. The contrasting elegance with the concrete and railroad…awesome. The last is my fave. =)

  • Laurie Peacock - Beautiful! The lighting is so lovely.

  • seth - These are very nice! I really like that second to last photo.

  • Jenny Meng-Strawhorne - Lovely light. I can tell your blog is going to make me really homesick. 🙂

  • Shell - Lovely portraits and great styling. Her expression in the third from the last is fantastic… I love it.

  • Shari DeAngelo - Dana, you got some seriously great images here. There’s a couple on the train tracks that make me really swoon. Beautiful!

  • Joe Sanfilippo - These are beautiful!

  • Alen Abdula - Great collection of images.

  • Drew - Stunning bridal shots Dana. Both of these bridals look amazing. Nice work!

  • Marianne Taylor - Very cool. Really like the styling and you’ve captured the feel of it beautifully.

  • Paul Von Rieter - These are all straight up stunning. I am loving the lighting.

  • Kat Forsyth - I already saw and fell in love with a bunch of these on Flickr. You did such a beautiful job! And I love your PP!

  • amanda basteen - OMGosh I love all of these. simply gorgeous! And the head pieces, LOVE! Great job!!

  • Manchester Wedding Photographer - Absolutely love these. Very cool location and great photography.

  • Natalie Gibbs - Lovely! I really, really love the one of the brunette bride laughing. The color in all these looks great – rich, but crisp.

  • matt s - beautiful! love the negative space in the photo under the overpass. Great contrast.

  • Keith McAvoy - Wow, love these! You have some wonderful ideas. Stunning locations!