Brian and Neele: Seattle Center, EMP, Sulpture Park – Seattle, WA

I am happy I was finally able to meet with Brian and Neele to take their engagement photos.  They live in LA, and the last couple of times they have been here, it hasn’t worked out with our schedules.  But they were here for the 4th of July weekend and we finally made it happen!   I had such a good time.  These two love to laugh and be silly and I had a great evening hanging out with them.  We started our time at the EMP which I love. It’s been a couple of years since I have done an engagement session there and I forgot how fabulous it is! All the colors, textures and architecture make for great photos.  Then we wandered around the Seattle Center to see what else we could find.  We had some fun at the amusement park before heading over to the Sculpture Park.  We made it JUST in time for sunset.  Brian really wanted sunset photos on the water so I’m happy we made it.   I’m really looking forward to their wedding in September. They are SO fun to photograph and as you can see, pretty easy on the eyes! Here are a few from our session.

Brian and Neele-31 cf blog

Brian and Neele-29 cf blog

Brian and Neele-1 cf blog

Brian and Neele-59 cf blog

Brian and Neele-43 cf blog

Brian and Neele-133 cf blog

Brian and Neele-109 cf blog

Brian and Neele-136 cf blog

Brian and Neele-71 cf blog

Brian and Neele-141 blog

Brian and Neele-146 eb blog

Brian and Neele-127 rg blog

Brian and Neele-190 eb blog

Brian and Neele-188 cf blog

Brian and Neele-263 cf blog

Brian and Neele-250 blog

Brian and Neele-241 fp blog

Brian and Neele-256 cf blog

Brian and Neele-281 cf blog

Brian and Neele-285 cf blog

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  • Saskia - You totally rocked this one. The ones in front of the EMP are awesome. What a gorgeous couple.