Brian and Neele: Lake Union Cafe – Seattle, WA

I am finally blogging the lovely wedding of Brian and Neele.  They came at the end of a very long string of double wedding weekends which meant a lot of editing.  They have been very patient and hopefully it was worth the wait!  I was looking forward to their wedding all summer because I had such a great time with them at the engagement session.  They both photograph beautifully and are very comfortable in front of the camera.   I was excited to shoot at the Alexis Hotel and in Pioneer Square for portraits.  Of course I had mapped out the perfect spot for group portraits. We  walked around the corner just as another bridal party walked up to the same spot about 5 seconds before us.  So I had to improvise and  use some other nearby buildings as we waited patiently for our turn!  It worked out and we got lots of great photos.  It was a lovely ceremony and reception at Lake Union Cafe.  They really knew how to have a good time and I had so much fun taking photos of them dancing.  Thanks SO much to Jeramie Shoda for second shooting with me.  He got so many great photos of the guys, some of which are included below.  And once again he took tons of amazing dance photos, thanks Jeramie!   Here are some of my faves from the day.

B + N -53 vs blog

B + N -109 vs blog

B + N -43 blog

B + N -146 vs blog

B + N -96 vs blog

B + N -103 vs blog

B + N -156 vs blog

B + N portraits-29 bg blog

B + N portraits-38 bg blog

B + N portraits-40 bg blog

B + N portraits-42 bg blog

B + N portraits-65 vs blog

B + N portraits-85 vs blog

B + N portraits-123 vs blog

B + N portraits-141 vs blog

B + N portraits-149 vs blog

B + N portraits-154 vs blog

B + N portraits-146 bg blog

B + N portraits-162 vs blog

B + N portraits-192 vs blog

B + N portraits-205 vs blog

B + N portraits-207 vs blog

B + N portraits-215 vs blog

B + N portraits-229 vs blog

B + N portraits-314 fp blog

B + N ceremony-52 bg blog

B + N ceremony-84 vs blog

B + N ceremony-122 fp blog

B + N portraits-272 vs blog

B + N portraits-288 bg blog

B + N portraits-286 bg blog

B + N portraits-299 bg blog

B + N getting ready-188 vs blog

B + N reception events-56 blog

B + N reception events-45 blog

B + N reception events-79 vs blog

B + N reception events-83 vs blog

B + N reception candids-185 bg blog

B + N reception candids-208 bg blog

B + N portraits-329 bg blog

B + N portraits-330 bg blog

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  • Candice Croix - LOVE the mirror shot. Well done!

  • Jeramie Shoda - Amazing job Dana! It was such a pleasure to work with you. You knocked this wedding out of the park 🙂