Brent, Nicole and Henry: Monroe, WA

A couple of weeks ago I drove out to Monroe to meet up with Nicole and Brent. I have known Nicole since Jr. High School, and we lived a block away from each other.  We have remained friends over the years, so I was excited to take some photos of her cute family!!  The funny thing is Brent contacted me a while ago about taking some photos of Henry as a Mother’s Day gift for Nicole.  The week before the scheduled shoot, Nicole mentioned to Brent that she would like me to take some photos of the three of them.  Brent fessed up that he had already scheduled a time for me to take photos of Henry, so it worked out perfectly! I had a great time catching up with them and playing with Henry!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Brent and Nicole-6 cf blog

Brent and Nicole-21 eb blog

Brent and Nicole-65 eb blog

Brent and Nicole-4 cf blog

Brent and Nicole-22 cf blog

Brent and Nicole-112 fp blog

Brent and Nicole-42 cf blog

Brent and Nicole-72 eb blog

Brent and Nicole-35 cf blog

Brent and Nicole-102 cf blog

Brent and Nicole-144 eb blog

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