Ben and Rachelle: Arlington, WA

Wow, I am SO behind on my blogging! I was with my family in California for the past week and wasn’t online once! It might be a record. My grandma passed away yesterday and I am so grateful I had the chance to say goodbye and see all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Now I have a lot of catching up to do.  I’m going to blog two weddings today! The first one is of the lovely Ben and Rachelle.  I headed out north to meet them at Ben’s parents’ place.  What an amazing house and property! We had a lot of fun taking portraits out there before we headed to the church for the wedding.  It was a great afternoon and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. These two really love each other and I’m happy to share a few of my favorite photos from the day!

B + R  getting ready-18 vs blog

B + R  getting ready-9 bw blog

B + R  getting ready-44 bg blog

B + R  portraits-36 vs blog

B + R  portraits-42 vs blog

B + R  portraits-52 bg blog

B + R  portraits-77 vs blog

B + R  portraits-61 vs blog

B + R  portraits-126 vs blog

B + R  portraits-149 bg blog

B + R  portraits-150 bg blog

B + R  portraits-163 vs blog

B + R  portraits-255 bw blog

B + R  reception candids-44 blog

B + R  reception events-58 bw blog

B + R  reception events-92 vs blog

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  • Saskia - Great job! I love the shot in the daisies. Those shoes are awesome.