Andrew and Jen: Kiana Lodge: Poulsbo, WA

A few weeks ago I headed over to Poulsbo for Andrew and Jen’s wedding. It was at Kiana Lodge, which I had never been to before. It was so beautiful! And the plants, flowers and details couldn’t have looked better.  It had been pouring all weekend and was even raining on the ferry ride over.  Miraculously the sky parted and gave us a couple of  hours, just in time for portraits. I had a great time wandering around the beautiful property taking photos with these two.  The ceremony was lovely and was extra special because Andrew’s dad was the officiant.  The reception was quite the party, with lots of dancing and special music performances. It was just the perfect day and I was so happy to be a part of it!  And as always, thanks to the talented and wonderful Saskia M for shooting with me.

A + J getting ready-38 blog

A + J getting ready-51 blog

A + J getting ready-14 bg blog

A + J getting ready-26 bg blog

A + J getting ready-122 bw blog

A + J getting ready-133 bg blog

A + J getting ready-134 bg blog

A + J getting ready-139 bw blog

A + J getting ready-58 vs blog

A + J reception candids-131 blog

A + J getting ready-179 bg blog

A + J getting ready-172 bw blog

A + J portraits-5 vs blog

A + J portraits-48 vs blog

A + J portraits-73 vs blog

A + J portraits-50 vs blog

A + J portraits-57 vs blog

A + J portraits-81 vs blog

A + J portraits-80 vs blog

A + J portraits-76 vs blog

A + J portraits-116 vs blog

A + J portraits-108 vs blog

A + J portraits-134 vs blog

A + J portraits-130 vs blog

A + J portraits-137 vs blog

A + J portraits-240 bw blog

A + J portraits-167 vs blog

A + J portraits-229 vs blog

A + J portraits-232 vs blog

A + J ceremony-27 vs blog

A + J ceremony-128 vs blog

A + J ceremony-159 blog

A + J getting ready-275 vs blog

A + J getting ready-111 blog

A + J getting ready-248 blog

A + J getting ready-268 vs blog

A + J reception events-90 blog

A + J reception events-99 vs blog

A + J reception events-111 bw blog

A + J reception events-169 bw blog

A + J reception events-162 bw blog

A + J reception events-221 bw blog

A + J reception candids-311 blog

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