Alex and Tatiana: Alki Beach, Renton and Edgewood, WA

I had so much fun at Alex and Tatiana’s wedding.  I had been pretty sick during the week, so I was a little worried about having enough energy to get through the day.  It’s amazing what adrenaline can do because I didn’t feel tired at any point during the day. Until I got home that is and crashed for 12 hours! This wedding was such a fun experience for me.  Everyone spoke Romanian (except for me).  All of the ceremony and reception were in Romanian so I never really knew what was going on!  Alex and Tatiana are so lovely, and you can tell they are very in love.  I had a great time at Alki beach taking portraits with them and their bridal party.  It was such a perfect day and you could not have asked for better weather.  There are so many great photos of them. It was super hard to narrow them down for the blog! Here are a few of my favorites.

A + T getting ready-2 bg blog

A + T getting ready-28 bg blog

A + T getting ready-45 bg blog

A + T getting ready-86 bg blog

A + T getting ready-62 blog

A + T getting ready-56 bg blog

A + T getting ready-99 bg blog

A + T getting ready-119 blog

A + T getting ready-142 bg blog

A + T getting ready-146 bg blog

A + T portraits-17 cf blog

A + T portraits-33 bg blog

A + T portraits-35 bg blog

A + T portraits-63 bg blog

A + T portraits-74 bg blog

A + T portraits-186 eb blog

A + T portraits-98 eb blog

A + T portraits-109 eb blog

A + T portraits-141 eb blog

A + T portraits-67 cf blog

A + T portraits-153 afts blog

A + T reception-301 fp blog

A + T ceremony-113 fp blog

A + T reception-80 fp blog

A + T reception-66 fp blog

A + T reception-228 fp blog

A + T portraits-227 cf blog

A + T portraits-286 cf blog

A + T portraits-270 cf blog

A + T portraits-240 cf blog

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  • Sharena Akers - Beautiful pictures!I love them.
    And I don’t speak Romanian either, so I was just as clueless as you!

  • admin - Thanks Sharena! I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one. 🙂

  • Dina - Alex and Tanya are such a lovely couple:) Awesome pictures!

  • Anna - The weather was amazing & so were we 🙂

  • Anna - Wow amazing pictures, perfect day for pictures blue sky and sunny day 🙂