Adam and Courtney: Echo Falls Golf Club – Snohomish, WA

A few weeks ago I headed to Snohomish for Adam and Courtney’s lovely wedding. I had never been to Echo Falls Golf Club before and it was quite pretty!  There were lots of fun spots for portraits. I especially loved the ivy wall and tunnel.   Adam and Courtney have been together for a long time and they are such a great couple.  I had a great day hanging out with them and their friends and family. They sure knew how to party! I have had a lot of fun photographing the reception dancing in recent months and this wedding was no exception.  I had the wonderful Saskia M second shooting for me.  I love having Saskia along because I know I don’t have to worry about missing anything! Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

A + C getting ready-22 vs blog

A + C getting ready-11 vs blog

A + C getting ready-78 vs blog

A + C getting ready-133 bw blog

A + C portraits-56 vs blog

A + C portraits-63 vs blog

A + C portraits-80 vs blog

A + C portraits-94 vs blog

A + C portraits-108 blog

A + C portraits-90 vs blog

A + C portraits-119 vs

A + C portraits-137 vs blog

A + C portraits-156 vs blog

A + C portraits-168 vs blog

A + C portraits-182 vs blog

A + C portraits-197 blog

A + C portraits-199 vs blog

A + C portraits-215 blog

A + C portraits-325 blog

A + C portraits-338 vs blog

A + C ceremony-48 vs blog

A + C ceremony-64 bw blog

A + C ceremony-121 vs blog

A + C ceremony-83 vs blog

A + C reception candids-112 vs blog

A + C reception candids-80 blog

A + C reception events-73 vs blog

A + C reception events-35 blog

A + C reception events-101 vs blog

A + C reception events-115 bw blog

A + C reception events-120 vs blog

A + C reception candids-256 bw blog

A + C reception candids-343 vs blog

A + C reception candids-338 afts blog

A + C reception candids-327 ce blog

A + C reception candids-331 ce blog

A + C portraits-340 dnm blog

A + C portraits-346 dnm blog

A + C reception candids-355 bw blog

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