A look back at 2010

Wow.  What a year it has been!  I have been reflecting on this past year and I am so grateful for the adventure of this past year. This time last year I was still working a part time job and trying hard to book weddings with the goal of going full time. By April I had booked over 20 weddings and was able to goodbye to my part time job and hello to being fully self employed!  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.  I have worked harder this year than I have ever worked in my life. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have met so many amazing couples this year that I had the privilege of photographing.  I wanted to blog some of my favorite photos of the year. It was SO hard to choose!  My choices have been changing all week depending on my mood.  But these are today’s favorites and I hope you enjoy the look back! Thank you all for supporting me and my business and thanks to all of my amazing couples! You will see there are a few non-wedding photos thrown in the mix as well!

I look forward to the new adventures of 2011, including my first destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta! 🙂  I look forward to getting to know all the awesome couples I have booked for this next year.  I hope you all have a safe and fantastic New Year!

Brian and Neele-376 bg blog

2-15-10-143 blog

E + L portraits-130 vs blog

D + J portraits-203 vs blog

M + D getting ready-19 blog

S + L portraits-137 vs blog

A + C reception candids-331 ce blog

2-15-10-312 eb blog

Brian and Neele-256 cf blog

D + J getting ready-129 bw blog

A + T portraits-186 eb blog

B + N -146 vs blog

J + P portraits-304 vs blog

J + T portraits-35 cf blog

D + J portraits-57 vs blog

T+A reception candids-244 fp blog

Katie-180 cf blog

E + L  portraits-224 vs blog

2-15-10-39 blog

T + J portraits-4 bg blog bw

Lorraine-1 vs blog

M + J portraits-101 cf blog

E + M reception events-187 bw blog

R + A -57 afts small

Sia-17 small blog

Sia-40 small blog

T + J portraits-300 bg blog

2-15-10-9 fp blog

Max-32 cf blog

Max-33 bw blog

J + S portraits-196 vs blog

D + J ride the duck-73 bw blog

B + N portraits-65 vs blog

blog-5 afts small

2-15-10-323 er

B + N reception events-83 vs blog

A + C reception events-120 vs blog

J + B reception candids-292 bw blog

T+L portraits-55 fp blog

T + J portraits-57 ri small

E + M portraits-389 cf blog

Scarlet -143 bw blog

M + J getting ready-88 vs blog

Evan and Lorraine-34 eb blog

B + N portraits-192 vs blog

C + D portraits-132 vs blog

Bella-67 cf blog

Jason and Paula-203 bg blog

JB-42 blog

A + J getting ready-179 bg blog

J + T portraits-205 cf blog

M + D portraits-239 bg blog

SOT-305 blog

M + J getting ready-9 vs blog

Matt and Debra-167 eb blog

E + L portraits-96 vs blog

J + B getting ready-77 bw blog

B + N portraits-85 vs blog

J + T portraits-60 cf blog

A + C portraits-338 vs

Drew and Jennie-68 eb blog

T + J portraits-246 bg blog

J + S reception events-176 bg blog

J + B portraits-115 blog

J + S portraits-74 vs blog

J + P portraits-112 vs blog

R+K portraits-399 fp blog

M + E portraits-295 fp blog

Mike and joohee-238 fp blog

T + J reception candids-509 blog

M + J portraits-247 vs blog

SOT-456 blog

C + D reception candids-232 vs blog

T+A reception candids-257 bw blog

E + L ceremony-133 bg blog

T+L getting ready-13 vs blog

E + M portraits-289 bg blog

Evan and Lorraine-177 1

Drew and Jennie-158 vs blog

John and Theresa-188 afts blog

M + E portraits-260 fp blog

Max-145 bg blog

Sean and Liz-209 fp blog

T + J reception events-19 bg blog

T+L portraits-169 vs blog

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